Update: While we have received platforms for most positions, we still have a “need” to fill the following positions:

– Vice President
– Press Officer
– San Antonio Regional Rep
– DFW Regional Rep

We will extend platform submissions until Monday, February 3rd to try and fill these positions. If you’re thinking about submitting for these positions please feel free to contact current president, Andy McCarthy.

JETAA officers have a unique opportunity to continue their JET experience by organizing activities for our alumni community and interacting with local Japan-affiliated organizations.

As a board, we’re pleased to have become more active within the past couple of years, and we have even more ideas in the pipeline (especially as potential hosts for the 2020 JETAA USA National Convention in the fall), so now is an exciting time to become part of the board!

On January 13, 2020, we sent by newsletter the call for submissions for this year’s officer elections with all the details needed to run in the election. Only JET Program Alumni are eligible to apply, and platforms must be received no later than Monday, January 27th.

Shortly after that, the ballot will be made public and the election will begin. The voting period will be one to two-weeks long (deadline TBA with the election announcement).

After elections conclude and results are announced, there will be a transition period for departing officers to pass on their knowledge and new board members to begin planning for the year. The new board will begin officially presiding over JETAA Texoma affairs in the spring.

If you are a JET Program Alumni living in TX or OK but did not receive the newsletter announcement, please contact webmaster [at] jetaatexoma.org.