Only JET Program Alumni living in TX & OK are eligible to participate in the elections.

The Board may decide, at their discretion, to nominate honorary members of the organization, but these members would not hold any voting privileges.

Starting Feb 05, 2022, platform submissions from prospective candidates will be accepted through 11:59pm on Sat, Feb 19, 2022. More details here.

Eligible Alumni interested in fulfilling these vacancies are especially encouraged to submit platforms:
(1) President
(2) Secretary
(3) Webmaster

Other vacancies include regional representatives for Oklahoma, San Antonio, and DFW.

For questions about the vacancy role descriptions and monthly time commitment estimates, please contact one of our officers.


Platform submission period — Mid to late Jan

Prospective candidates for election, including incumbent officers, submit a two-paragraph platform describing why they should be voted into the position and what they hope to achieve in the role. Typically, the platform submission period lasts about two weeks. In 2021, this period was announced on Jan 13.

Elections — early to mid-feb

After the platform submission period has closed, the Press Officer announces the election period and provides the ballot form for all voting members to cast their vote. In 2021, this period was announced on Feb 08.

rUNOFF Elections — lATE feb

After the main voting period has closed, the Press Officer announces the results and opens polls for any runoff elections necessary, including soliciting for candidates for positions which will be vacant.

Preparation for new board — Mar

The complete election results having been announced, the incumbent board contacts any new officers and prepare handover materials.

new board takes office — April

Beginning April 1, the new board officially begins duties, and meets to plan the year’s budget and activities.