During the fiscal year of April 2018 ⁠— March 2019, JETAA TEXOMA hosted and participated in the following occasions to promote cross-cultural understanding and connect JET Program Alumni across Texas and Oklahoma (and other chapters in the US!).

2018-2019 Recurring Events:

  • 5 trivia nights in Houston (April ‘18, May ‘18, June ‘18, July ‘18, and January ‘19)


  • Apr 14-15: Alumni provided information about the JET Program at Japan Festival Houston
  • Jun 23: JET Q&A Session for Departing JET’s
  • Jul 15: Book Club in Houston met to discuss The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  • Jul 30: Departing JET’s Farewell Reception
  • Sep 14-16: President Andy Mack and Vice President Alisa Tobin represented JETAA Texoma at the 2018 JETAA USA National Conference in Denver, Colorado
  • Sep 21: Karaoke Night in Austin
  • Sep 29:  Luncheon in San Antonio
  • Nov 3: Game Night in Houston


  • Jan 13: Shinnenkai in Houston
  • Feb 2: Kakizome Calligraphy Workshop in partnership with Japan-America Society of Houston
  • Mar 23: Texas Japanese Speech Contest, to which JETAA Texoma donated a small gift for winners in the haiku category
  • Mar 25: JET Returnee Reception
April 2018 Japan Festival Houston
May 2018 JETAA Texoma officers meeting with Vice-Consul Kawase from the Consulate-General of Japan in Houston
Jul 2018 Departing JETs (Houston) Reception, hosted by Consul-General Fukushima
Sep 2018 JETAA USA National Conference in Denver, Colorado. Can you spot your Texoma officers?
Sep 2018 Austin area alumni at karaoke
Dec 2018 Reception to celebrate the Japanese emperor’s birthday
Jan 2019 Shinnenkai in Houston