Alumni and other guests gathered to celebrate the 2018 returning & 2019 departing JETs on March 24, 2019. The event took place at the residence of Consul-General Hideo Fukushima in Houston, who spoke with praise for the JET Program and revitalization efforts in US-Japan relations.

Recent returnees Jonathan Bruhn (ALT in Ibaraki) and Sheridan McKisick (CIR in Oita) reflected on their fond memories and professional experiences in the JET Program.

Departing JETs Krystin Pickering (Hokkaido) and Collin Williamson (Aomori) represented the early-departing JETs as they addressed the crowd and shared their ambitions for participation as ALTs.

JETAA Texoma President Andy McCarthy encouraged the departing JETs and reminded guests that despite the common JET disclaimer that “every situation is different,” more connects us than divides us.

We wish the best of luck to these April departing JETs, and welcome the recent returnees, whether new or established, to Texas and Oklahoma.