Andy McCarthy

Prefix & Pronouns: Mr., he/his/him

Andy McCarthy was an ALT in Akita (Futatsui-machi), 2005-2008. He currently works as an attorney in Houston and has been JETAA Texoma’s President since 2018. When not working or representing JETAA, you can find him at the table tennis table.

Mark Schneider

Vice President
Prefix & Pronouns: Mr., he/his/him

Mark Schneider was an ALT in Miyagi 2003-2006 & Ehime 2010-2015, where he co-served as Prefectural Advisor. Now, he works in the Cultural Affairs & PR division of the Japanese Consulate in Houston. His free time disappears into writing, gaming, cooking, & music.

Jennifer Kennedy Tucker

Prefix & Pronouns: Ms., she/her/hers

Jennifer Kennedy Tucker was an ALT in Shimane prefecture from 2009 – 2011. Even today, she has an interest in Japanese food, culture, and language. She is a project manager by trade and finally has enough vacation time to re-visit Japan!

Rochelle Breen

Secretary, Webmaster
Prefix & Pronouns: Mx., they/them/their(s)

Rochelle Breen served as an ALT 2014-2015 in Gunma-prefecture, Maebashi-shi. Now, they advise international students. For fun, they write stories and audio dramas.

Judy Liu

Press Officer
Prefix & Pronouns: Ms., she/her/hers

Judy Liu was an ALT in Ishikawa (Tsubata-machi), 2016-2017. She currently works in compliance in Houston. Outside of work, you’ll find her dancing, taking family road trips, or nurturing her indoor plants.

Michelle Lu

Austin/Hill Country Regional Officer
Prefix & Pronouns: Ms., she/her/hers

Michelle Lu spent 2012-2014 in Hokkaido teaching in Mukawa-cho. She’s now studying to get her Masters at UT while also working full-time. Michelle wants continue bringing the JET community together in Austin by creating fun events and meeting new people!

Halee Haggerton

Houston/South Texas Regional Officer
Prefix & Pronouns: Ms., she/her/hers

Halee Haggerton spent 2013-2014 in Kobe city. She’s back in Houston (for now). You can find her playing video games or with her cats outside of work and JETAA!